Preserving Centuries of Salish

Lucy A. Budravage, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Lake Roosevelt Salish class is helping keep native languages alive. Even though she’s only been here for two years, Ms. Pino is working hard to keep students engaged and interested.

Due to colonization, there are not a lot of Salish speakers left. Lake Roosevelt has had a Salish class for only three years, with an average of thirty five kids joining every year. Unfortunately, Salish is the only class teaching a Native American language at Lake Roosevelt. Though there are plans for more classes in the future, Ms. Pino says she hopes “we’ll have [at least] this class for many years.”

Salish is quite an old language, said to be from the 1800’s. Salish originated from the Pacific Northwest. There are many sub dialects in the Salish language.

Hopefully Lake Roosevelt continues to offer the Salish class, teaching students about the language and culture, for many years to come.