Lake Roosevelt classes compete for your money

Jules Hevener & Sage Fenton , Student Writer

Just as businesses compete for that Black Friday funding and that Christmas rush, classes at Lake Roosevelt High School have spent the last several weeks in an informal competition through a series of different fundraisers.


The sophomore class recently completed a candy bar fundraiser, selling candy bars for $1 each, with really good profits according to sophomore Grace Young, who estimated the group made between $1,300 and $1,500.

Although class advisor Misty Krohn has noted she is still waiting for final numbers, sophomore John Cooley mentioned that the fundraiser was “pretty awful. I sold 280 candy bars.” 

The top sellers for the candy bars sales were Grace Young, John Cooley, Jeri Olsen, Champ Louie, and Lola Yazzie.

Grace Young sold a whopping 480 candy bars, with her tactic being “telling my mom to drive me places. I knew good places.”  

The donations support the class of 2025’s senior trip.


At about the same time, the junior class completed both a Krispy Kreme fundraiser and an Indian taco fundraiser.

“Krispy Kreme fundraiser went really well,” said class president Carly Neddo “Indian tacos are hard to sell right now.” 

Neddo noted the top sellers were “Sawyer with Krispy Kreme. Fawn and Raeley are really good at selling too.” 

The Krispy Kreme fundraiser ended Thursday, Dec. 1t along with the Indian Taco Fundraiser taking place on Dec. 3.

The funds are going to the senior trip in 2024.


The seniors hosted a penny auction that raised  $3,300 dollars for the senior trip in the spring. 

According to senior Tanner Kiser “the penny auction went well, and we made a bunch of money.” 

The auction was held Nov. 26 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“We made potatoes, chili, and pies while setting up” from senior Logan Marconi, the auction starting at 1pm and ending at 6pm. 

The seniors are also doing a 50/50 raffle hoping to raise the last bit of money for the trip to California.

Marconi had mentioned “the raffle is going okay, a decent amount sold and our students are getting really involved.”