Lady Raiders Defeat Brewster Bears Jan. 17

LR Girls Basketball uses Brewster’s quotes to inspire win.


Sawyer Steffens, Student Writer

The Lady Raiders beat Brewster 56-47 on Jan. 17 at the LR

HS gymnasium at 6:00 pm, after having lost in Brewster Dec. 16 and lost 50-41. 

Coming into the game this time, the Lady Raiders knew they were up for a challenge but remained calm knowing how much they’ve improved in the month since playing Brewster the first time.

Previously that week, Brewster Sports Page posted an article about the girls team with quotes, “Lake Roosevelt causes a lot of problems, I think we can handle them.” and “If we have a bad game they could probably hang with us.” The Lady Raiders used that to fuel their fire.

Brewster fans and the LR community packed the gym. The Lady Raiders put on a good show, working as a team, executing plays, remaining calm, and applying good pressure on their opponents.

The Lady Raiders executed on defense shutting down number 44, their biggest player, outsizing our biggest player by much and locking down their shooters on the 3 point line.

Carly Neddo, Junior post, shut down number 44 in the paint holding her to 1 block shot, and 2 free throws scoring 4 points total that game. Not just Carly, but the help side defense kept number 44 from doing any damage down in the key.

The first game we played them number 44 scored 18 points in the 4th quarter alone. Learning from experience, number 44 did not have a game like that against us again. Neddo also did her part in scoring on Brewsters post players and making them work hard to defend her down low but also coming out to the 3 point line to knock down a shot and make the defense shift.

The Lady Raiders felt proud of their win but knew they couldn’t get comfortable and settle with another big opponent coming up Jan. 24 vs. Okanogan in Okanogan.