Ceramics class starts Origami Project

Raeley Portch, Student Writer

The ceramics classes are currently completing a project where studentsare to make an origami sculpture out of clay. 

This is the first time Lori Adkins the ceramics teacher has presented the class with this project. Adkins has only been teaching this class for one previous year but the rising interest to take ceramics this year allowed for there to be two classes.

Adkins teaches about 150 students each day so she gets to meet all kinds of personalities and see all kinds of different creative abilities. 

She also teaches Leadership where students get to “make signs for sports and school spirt” said cheerleader Jules Hevener.

When asked if there is a growing interest in taking ceramics, Adkins said “yes, kids think that it is going to be easier but it is still just as challenging just in a different way.”

She said getting supplies isn’t too hard, she just gets them from the same distributor as the regular school supplies.

With the current origami project Adkins said, “Students are always surprising me with their ideas.” 

She said it was due on Jan. 20 and “it is a good way for students to apply previously learned skills and I wanted students to explore sculpting.”

We got to combine making paper origami and then create that out of clay. It was a challenging assignment and it pushed people to think in different ways. 

With the semester ending the next assignment will not be assigned until the next semester starts so once students are finished with their sculpture they are to glaze their projects or spin on the wheel if it is their day. 

Glazing a project is when you put a paint-like mixture of minerals on a bisque fired project and then once it is brushed on the project gets fired again to make the glaze melt and reveal colors underneath.