Want a new addiction? Try Ginny and Georgia


Valentine and Salem, Student Writers

Netflix series, Ginny and Georgia, is a show about a mother trying to get by and get away from her traumatizing past as her daughter rebels against her and fights for what she thinks could be a normal youth.

The second season of the show premiered, Jan. 5, and has been on Netflix’s Top 10 Shows since. 

The show begins as the family – Ginny, Georgia, and Ginny’s brother Austin – move to their new town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts. Wellsbury is very preppy, homely, and welcoming. The family finds a quaint coffeeshop – where Ginny finds a job – and the mayor’s office – where Georgia finds a job and a new love interest.

The more you watch the more you are shown snippets of Georgia’s horrific past and all that she has done to get away from that history, including perhaps committing a nearly inexcusable crime.

Ultimately, you come to understand she is trying to improve herself. 

Ginny, not knowing her mother’s history, tries to pry her for info on it, and once she knows the truth she tries to rebel against her mother’s wishes, deeming Geogria to be worse than her past-self. 

Together they grow into better versions of themselves and become the old mother-daughter duo that they started off as. 

The show is a thrill to watch and keep us entertained, wanting to know more and more with each episode to come.

We totally recommend it to people because this show is ADDICTING.