Review: Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights is worth the hype

Review: Taylor Swifts new album Midnights is worth the hype

Raeley Portch, Student Journalist

Taylor swift released her new album Midnights on Oct 21, 2022.

She created a ton of anticipation for fans like me by announcing the album in August at the VMA’s, where she won three awards for “All Too Well,” her short film music video she wrote and directed herself.

When she received the award she said, “I thought it would be a fun moment to tell you that my new album comes out Oct. 21… I will tell you more at midnight.”

Fans immediately realized she had been leaving Easter Eggs in her songs and posts for years and no one noticed. One of the biggest Easter Eggs was the amount of songs she already had mentioning midnight. Which was shocking since no one thought that a word in her songs would be the title of her next album.

 That truly shows how much of a mastermind Taylor really is, and she knows it! One of the songs on her new album is titled, “Mastermind.”

Her new album Midnights won album of the year at the People’s Choice Awards. 

Along with winning Female Artist of the Year and music video of the year for “Anti-hero,” her most streamed song on the album was the number one top song for six consecutive weeks.

Her album was released at midnight and there were 13 songs (13 is her favorite number and she uses it everywhere. Her birthday is also Dec. 13). 

After she released the first 13 songs at midnight, she released the “3 a.m. Edition,” 3 hours late with 7 more songs.

Within the week of being released she filled all 10 places on the Billboard Top 10 songs all with her newly released songs. 

My favorite song on the new album was “Maroon.” I think the play on words with all the shades of red is very interesting. The other song I would pick as one of my tops for the album is “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” It’s a fun song, the sort you can sing with your friends when you go somewhere.

This album isn’t my personal favorite even though it’s good and hit top charts. I personally like the albums Speak Now, Fearless, and Red the most, but overall I think this album is worth the hype.