The Lady Raiders topple Brewster Feb. 6 in Omak


Raeley Portch, Student Journalist

The Lake Roosevelt Lady Raiders beat the Brewster Lady Bears, Tuesday in Omak with a score of 46-25. 

The Lady Raiders were up 16-4 at the end of the first quarter, which had fans questioning why the previous games had been so close.

The foul count at the end of the first quarter was 6-0 Brewster, which got the crowd saying the refs were calling the game unfair.

“It was the worst reffed game ever. I’m still fuming,” said captain Carly Neddo. “The foul count was 25-6. I fouled out and had no fouls called for me, and everyone in the stands was talking about it.”

 Omak gym is larger than the Gaylord-Nelson Gym the Lady Raiders are used to playing in with a longer court and bigger stands.

Going into the half the Lady Raiders were up 27-5 making it clear which team had the will to win the game.

Friday, Feb 10. Will be the district championship against Okanogan at 7:30 pm at the Omak gym as well. 

Neddo said, “ If we have the same refs it’ll be really really bad, but i think if we can keep our heads and play good defense then we can win.”