Pepsi Coke; Which One Is Better?


Penelope Antoine, Student Writer

The Pepsi Vs. Coke argument is one that has plagued America for decades. It is an argument that transcends our own creation, one that has opened a rift between friends and families for generations past and years to come.


It’s February 2023, and I am going to prove through a multitude of inquisitive interviews and trials within a focus group of people from Lake Roosevelt High school which soda is better. 

Pop, soda, soft drink, however you say it, 63 percent of Americans above the age of 18 drink it, along with 60.7 percent of children according to the CDC and the New York Times.

A study done in 2021, showed that 51 percent of Americans would choose Coke over Pepsi, while 23 percent would choose Pepsi (and the remainder chose an alternate beverage). Although, power of perception does hold a big factor in this debate. In total, 77 percent of people say  that Coke gives them a bigger caffeine boost and tastes sweeter, while in reality, Pepsi contains both caffeine and sweetener at a higher level than Coca Cola itself. In which Coke has nutritionally, a touch more sodium, resulting in a less sweet taste.


History of the two sodas transcends not just us, but our grandparents as well. Dating back to the 1800’s, Coca Cola was created in 1886, while Pepsi was a decade late. Showing up to the competition in 1893.

I wasn’t lying when I said it transcends our own creation! The Great Cola Wars all started with Pepsi going into supermarkets and malls, blind testing Coke and Pepsi. In which Pepsi was chosen by testers by a significant margin, where Pepsi started to televise these experiments as an advertisement at the detriment of Coca-Cola. But in retaliation Coke came out with a new product “New Coke.” That tasted much closer to Pepsi than the former. Backlash ensued, so they brought back the original product as “Coca-Cola Classic.” and sales went back up for them after the incident. 


The trials I held to confirm this theory were shocking to say the least. Out of the pool of 25 test subjects I involved in this experiment, 15 chose Coke, and 10 chose Pepsi. This does not represent which one is objectively better nevertheless. When told about the experiment, people tried even harder to guess which brand was which- often getting it wrong just proving the bias a brand can have on someone. I was even tested, trying to be completely and fully objective. And knew immediately which drink was which, but changed my opinion in favor of Coke, while I was once a Pepsi connoisseur. These trials have led me to believe that brands have too much of a hold on people’s lives. Pepsi Vs. Coke, which one is better? Whatever one YOU like. Don’t let brands cloud your decision, try something new once in a while, you might be surprised. Form your own opinions, and let people have theirs. Unless you’re Mr. Caudell, because most of his opinions are bad.