My biased opinion: Best Ice Cream in the Coulee Area

Sawyer Steffens, Student Journalist

What’s better than a nice 2 scoop ice cream cone on a hot 95 degree day? You’re right, nothing’s better. 

There’s two ice cream shops in the Coulee area and a couple restaurants that serve milkshakes. 

Coulee Playland is a camping resort and tackle store that serves hard ice cream in Electric City. The quality of the ice cream is amazing. They have 12 flavors that they switch out continuously. The ice cream is in the perfect temperature to make the ice cream the perfect texture and the options are all the right amounts of flavor. 

In Grand Coulee, across from Safeway, Coulee Creamery is the other ice cream shop. It serves ice cream cones, milkshakes, and floats. There’s 24 ice cream flavors with about 12 that change occasionally. 

Where do LR students go in the summer?

“Coulee Playland is the best place to get ice cream in Coulee,” said Carly Neddo. “The people are amazing and the optionsare very flavorful. The dock is super nice to go sit and eat ice cream on and can’t forget about how big the scoops are. I love it.”

“Coulee Playland is my favorite place to get ice cream in Coulee,” said William Labro. “Their flavors are really good and I like that I can get more ice cream and bigger scoops for cheaper.”

While it’s a little more out of the way for most, for many Coulee Playland is the place to go on those hot summer days. In my opinion, I can agree with that, and (full disclosure) as I worked there in the past I can say the staff is great and the flavors are amazing.

If you’re bored this summer or a tourist passing through, make sure to stop and get yourself an ice cream cone from Coulee Playland.