Trio Upward takes students on “life changing” trip over Spring Break


The TRIO Upward Bound group – with students from Lake Roosevelt, Brewster, and Omak – at MIT.

Arianna Waters, Student Journalist

For Spring Break, the Lake Roosevelt High school Trio Upward Bound Program traveled across the country to Maine, traveling to 3 different museums and a couple colleges.

For many, the trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity, said Fawn Lemure, a junior at LRHS who said she had signed up for the program to get a better understanding of college.

The group went to the University of Maine and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At UM, the group toured the campus and saw a comprehensive study on ice occurring at the school. 

At MIT, the group went to a museum that specialized in the advancement of technology through time. 

Along with college campus visits, the group went to three different museums.
Lemure’s favorite was the Salem Witch Trials Museum in Salem, Mass. 

The trip came as part of the Trio Upward Bound Program, a new program at LRHS.

The program is helping teens get ready for college and giving them experience of what the college looks like in person and the city around it. 

The program is primarily for students from low-income families and/or from generation college students.

LR students were joined in the trip by students from Brewster, Omak, Paschal Sherman Indian School and Okanogan.

Along with being her first time out of the state, the trip was Lemure’s first time on a plane – as it was for a number of students.

This summer, the group will go to Alaska to visit college campuses there and see a number of sites.

“I definitely recommend Trio Upward Bound if you want to go to college,” said Lemure. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was super fun.”