SENIOR: Antoine looks to future experiences and adventure

Sawyer Steffens, Student Journalist

Penelope Antoine is graduating this June and is looking forward to her future, attending University of Washington this next fall to study art history.

Penelope enjoys hiking, art, hanging out with her friends and listening to Talylor Swift. She is attending UW this upcoming fall after recently receiving the UW Presidential Scholarship, a $10,000 annual scholarship that will help her through her undergraduate student. 

Her ultimate  goal is tosome day working in an art gallery. 

Penelope played soccer on the varsity team her senior year and was a goalie. She played varsity golf her junior year and was a runner up for state. Penelope has been a high honors student all four years and is part of the National Honors Society, maintaining a 3.83 GPA overall throughout high school.

“Being a senior is stressful,” said  Antoine. “I’m more excited than stressed though. I’m ready to be done with high school and start my next chapter.” 

Penelope enjoyed many things throughout high school including dances, sporting events, yearbook class and more. 

Her favorite though, as she states: “Fall of senior year has to be my favorite. It was a great vibe playing on the soccer team. I loved playing with my teammates, the Friday Night Lights football games were always a blast and I was even homecoming queen.”

College will bring new experiences.

“I’m most excited to meet new people and go out and explore the world. I’m excited to experience something other than my rural area, she said.

Always the leader, she gave advice to upcoming seniors and the younger grades about succeeding in high school in general.

“When heading into your senior year, start your essays early. If you think you’re early, you’re probably not. Apply to as many scholarships as you possibly can,” said Antoine. “Don’t let other people define you. Be who you are. No one else’s opinion matters throughout high school. Do your thing.” 

Penelope will head out to her dorm and start her next chapter in the middle of September.