What makes a good promposal?

Raeley Portch, Student Journalist

Note: The Lake Roosevelt High School Prom was hosted Saturday, April 29 at the Coulee Dam City Hall, and in the weeks running up to the prom, there were a series of “promposals” both in the hallways and talked about afterward. What’s a promposal you ask? Well, simply stated it is a proposal to prom.

A good promposal happens when the way you are asked is genuine, thoughtful and relates to the person being asked. 

Timing is key: I think the best way to be asked is either after a sports game that you won when you are super happy or after school in your car.

The two times I have been asked to prom have been at my front door and I disliked the stress of my whole family watching. 

Personability is key: I appreciate when the person asking goes the extra mile to make the sign look good and relate to your interests. 

The way I was asked this year was with a sign about Taylor Swift because I really like her music (and that was the quickest way to get me to say yes).

Take a chance: I would like to believe most people aren’t going to reject you if you just ask because it would be so sad to feel rejected.

This year people have been asking who they want rather than guys just asking girls. I think that is more equal that the pressure can be put on everyone to find a date (if you choose to have a date.)

Mostly, have fun! Prom is a fun moment in high school and a good promposal is a great part of that!