Aaliyah Marchand earns WIAA Athlete of the Week recognition

Aaliyah Marchand earns WIAA Athlete of the Week recognition

AJ Cannon, Student Journalist

Lake Roosevelt senior Aaliyah Marchand has been honored on the WIAA Athlete of the Week, released Thursday.

Marchand is the only senior on the LR Softball team.

“I’m incredibly proud of Aaliyah,” said LR Softball Head Coach Jaci Gross. “She’s been a warrior, stepping up when we’ve needed her the most. She’s a natural athlete, and her wacky personality makes her fun to be around.”

Marchand previously earned WIAA Recognition as a sophomore.

“It proves all my hardwork has paid off,” said Marchand. 

As a leader on the team, Marchand has tallied incredible statistics, said Gross.

“Her stats speak for themselves,” said Gross. “Her batting average of .634 with three home runs and 27 RBIs. She has struck out 123 batters this year, with an era of 1.684.”

The LR team record is 15-4

Marchand’s teammate Sawyer Steffens said, “I feel like we are starting to feel more competitively and better as a team. We are down to nine players, but the nine who stayed are going to carry us into post-season.”

LR plays brewster in double header against Brewster Friday