How to Play Tennis

How to Play Tennis

To play a sport, it requires a certain skill and drive. You need to be able to focus on the task at hand and develop a strategy to win the game.

These requirements apply to tennis. You will need to be able to hold the racket well, have hand-eye coordination, and an overall drive to win a match.

To play tennis, first you will need a tennis racket, two tennis balls, a tennis court and at least one other person to play against. If you are playing singles, you would only need one other opponent. If you are playing doubles, you need two opponents and a partner.

First you need to warm up. To warm up for singles, you hit the ball to the other player, then practice serving. For warming up for doubles, you hit the ball to the player facing you, then you practice serving hitting cross court. Then you need to figure out the score you will be playing to. You could play best of five sets, best of three sets, or just a set.

After you determine how you will play the game, you would determine what side people are on and who serves. To do that, the person who has home field advantage can flip a coin or can spin the racket. To spin a racket, you look at the butt of the racket and see what brand it is. For example, if it is Wilson, the options are either M or W.

The person who wins the coin toss or racket spin can choose who will serve first or what side of the court they start on. The person who lost will chose what the other person did not.

When the game starts, the server and person who returns usually stand at the base line on their right side. If it is a doubles game, the two other players will stand at the service line on the left side typically. For serving, the server must land the ball into the service box in front of the returner.

If the ball does not land into the service box, the player is given a fault and will serve again. If the player does not make the ball into the service box for a second time, it is called a double fault and the opponent gets the point. If the ball touches the net but still goes into the correct service box, it is called a let and the server gets do redo their serve and can have unlimited attempts if they keep getting a let.

To score a point you need to make sure the ball bounces twice on the other side of the court with the ball only needing to be in on the first bounce. A different way to score is to hit the opponent with the ball and you would get the point, but it is usually frowned upon unless necessary.

Another option is to have the opponents hit the ball out or not have the ball go over the net. To determine if a ball is out or not, it depends on if you a playing singles or doubles. If it is singles, you play on the singles line, or not using the outer line on the sides. For a doubles game, you use the doubles alley, or the two columns on the sides.

If the ball lands out of the area that is permitted for the first bounce , the game stops and the player who didn’t hit the ball out gets the point. If the ball hits the line at all, the ball is still in.

After each point you switch sides of where the server is serving. If it is singes, both players just go to the other side. In doubles, the serving team switch sides, but still at the same length from the net. For the receiving team, the player at the net goes to the base line and the player at the base line goes to the net.

The scoring of the game is a little complicated and doesn’t make much sense. If you haven’t scored any points in the game, you have zero, or “love”. If you scored once, you have 15. If you score twice, you have 30. If you score thrice, you have 40. If you score four times and the other player doesn’t have 40. You win one point for the game. After every odd number of games played the players switch courts.

When the players are tied 40-40 or deuce, you play depending if you are playing with advantage or no-advantage. If it is no-advantage, the non server picks the side that they will play on and the person score scores next wins. If it is with advantage, you need to win once to get the advantage, then win another to win the point. If the opponent has advantage and you score, it goes back to deuce.

To win a set, you need to win six games and had at least two more than your opponent. If it is tied 5-5 one player needs to win the next two games to win the set. If you are tied 6-6 you play a tie breaker round. A tie breaker round goes as one point is now one game.

The first person to serve serves once, then the opponent serves twice, then you serve twice, and that continues until the tie breaker ends with the player needing seven points and be ahead by two. Every six points the players switch courts.

After the game is over, the polite thing to do is to shake the opponent or opponents’ hands and say, “good game”. If there is a chair umpire, you would also shake the umpire’s hand. After that, the game is over. I hope you used what you learn in this article to expand your understanding of how to play tennis.