The College Application Process Explained


The college application process can be a difficult and stressful duty that has many steps and can be very confusing. It can also be a valuable process that can lead you toward you going to the college of your dreams.

In this story, I will be discussing the college application process and how to stay on top. This topic should be cared about because it can help seniors and future seniors who are interested in going to college. This story is timely because it can help anyone struggling about the application process.

To start the college application process, the first step is to decide what colleges would be best to apply to. That could include checking the cost of attendance, location of the campus, degree options etc. This step helps you find out which colleges you would like to go to and which don’t have anything that you like.

Next is to check the typical requirements of the colleges. That could involve the average GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and the courses they have taken and so on. This can assist you in finding out how likely it is that you would get into the colleges that you want to go to.

Another phase in the college application process is to get letters of recommendations from teachers. To choose which teachers you would like to write a recommendation for, you think of which teachers have the best insight of you and which knows you the best. This would be beneficial because it would be easier for teachers talk about you and it would produce a better letter.

A big step in the college application process is to write the college admission essay. In a college admission essay, it needs to show the strengths of the person. It also needs to show challenges the person has had to face and how they have overcome them. It also needs to be personal and unique.

The final stage in the college application process is to submit your application and pay your application fee. But as you wait, you can still apply for scholarships and financial aid. You can also make sure your grades stay up and don’t slip.

In order to see how the college application process affects its applicants, I have decided to show some examples. The examples are two high school students in their senior year named LorRinda Richardson and Keziah Stice.

Richardson is a high school senior who is planning on going to Montana State University. She has gone through the full application process and applied for two colleges, MSU and University of Idaho. She has been accepted to both MSU and U of I.

She began the process around late august and it started by MSU sending her a letter to apply a letter with priority status. Priority status is a status for student chosen by the university based on if the university feels as they would make great additions to the college. The priority status for MSU

Richardson choose to apply to U of I when they came to Lake Roosevelt and applied then. she chose which colleges to apply to by seeing the veterinarian programs and if they offered pre veterinarian as an option. She also has applied for a few scholarships and plans to apply for more.

She has already won an achievement award for Montana State University which was $48,000. She plans to visit MSU around march.

Stice is also a high school senior who has applied for many colleges and does not know if she has been accepted to two of them. She has also gone through the full application process and applied for three colleges, Washington State University, U of I, and Spokane Falls Community College. She has been accepted to SFCC so far but hasn’t heard from the other two colleges.

She began the process around October 1 and started by finding out the info of the colleges that were necessary to her. She plans on visiting the WSU campus if she gets accepted.

She has applied to a few scholarships but hasn’t heard back from them yet. Stice also plans to apply for a few more colleges.

With Richardson and Stice, they both have been planning to go to college after they graduate. That means they have been taken classes that would benefit them long term. They have also been doing extracurricular activities, like sports or school programs. They did these extra stressful activities to look better on their applications and to give them a better chance at getting in.