How to Draw a Realistic Face 

How to Draw a Realistic Face 

Kaitlyn Nordine, Arts and Entertainment

Drawing a face isn’t that hard after you’ve practiced a few times, however the first few times it may not turn out very good. The very first step to drawing a realistic face is to draw a circle for how big you want the face to be and draw a line through the center.

Extend the line for how long you want the face to become and draw a line down from the sides of the circle that connect to the end of the line to form the chin to make shape of the face. Draw a line through the center of the face sideways to mark where the eyes will be, then draw another line halfway to the bottom from the line you just drew which will become the bottom of the nose. Draw a line 1/3 of the way down to the bottom of the face from the last line you just drew to mark where the lips will be.

After you’ve finished these first few steps, then you will need to lightly erase the lines you have drawn so that they are still visible, but to where when you start drawing in everything else it won’t be seen as easily. It is just your general guidelines for how the face will be laid out, and the actual parts of the face will be drawn where those lines are.

Split up the top line drawn on the face into five sections and in the second section one away from the edge of the face draw in the eyes. After drawing the eyes draw on eyebrows above the eyes, then lightly draw lines down from the inner edges of the eyes to show where the edges of the nose will be.

Once the nose lines are drawn in, draw the nose into the preferred size and shape inside of the lines, then lightly draw lines down from the center of the eyes onto the bottom line to form the size of the lips. Draw the thickness and shape that you want the lips to be inside the lines you just drew.

Mark on the size of the head at where the outside edge of the eyes are and somewhere halfway between where you drew in the nose and lips to make the proportional size of the ears. Draw ears the way you want them to look on the side of the head. Now once you’ve finished all those steps your general face is completed.  

However, if you want you can still add hair on the head, but when adding hair make sure it isn’t just flat on the shape of the head you drew give it some lift on the top of the head, then you can also add some shading or facial hair if desired to make the face more realistic. If desired color in the face and hair with colored pencils or markers to make it look more like a picture of the person or add more shading to keep it in pencil or black and white.