Area Tribal Members Earn Award for Best Rap Hip Hop Video

Area Tribal Members Earn Award for Best Rap Hip Hop Video

Three enrolled Colville Tribal members are presented with the Best Rap Hip Hop Video at the awards ceremony in Niagara Falls, New York on Nov 2. These tribal members are known by, James Pakootas who goes by Just James, Daniel Nanamkin who goes by ‘Big D’ along with Tony Louie who just goes by his legal name.

Their award winning song is called ‘Break These Chains’ and in the music video, there are a lot of student that either currently attend LR or have already graduated. Including; senior Cameron St.Pierre, senior Donovan Pakootas, senior Soarin Marchand, Dayril Louis, Anquan Adolph,

This song is making its way across many music platforms, but is really known on YouTube. All these guys have their own life, other than music and are out here killing in in the studio. James is a Professional Speaker, and artist; Louie finds himself focusing on blues and country as an Artist; and Nanamkin spends his time doing IT work for the Local Tribal Casinos.

The meaning behind this song is really about overcoming any obstacles that are thrown your way, or any problems that can occur on the way down the road. With background on Native culture and their pathway to healing. James going back to 2015, when he got into his life changing car accident that resulted in his arm being removed. Which set him into a dark time and a lot of depression weighed his shoulders down. James got outta jail in 2017 and entered another dark phase in his life.

Through all the struggles in his life, James turned his life around and was able to look farther into music and make it a successful career. He had a lot of help; John Crown a local photographer really enjoyed working with James, and helped with a lot of the video/picture aspects of music. Along with that, Crown was familiar to making music himself. With a lot of work, the time finally came where it was time to fly to Niagara Falls and to be presented with the award, “It was just pure fulfillment and excitement,” James said. “I can’t believe it”