Street Cred

Street Cred

The definition of street cred is: Commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments.

Street cred is hard to gain but easy to lose. A person who will not be named, well just call him hall, knows how easy it is to lose street cred, “Don’t tell people your full name, especially if it’s lame” said Hall. he lost many “points” of street cred.

I pointed out when he got “clowned” by our teacher Mr. Files. He said “Oh yeah, if you get clowned by your teacher you also lose street cred.”  An example of “hall” getting clowned is when a he went to Files and said “You like my earrings?” and Files replied with “Are you trying to reestablish your street cred?”

At that point I was already laughing and yelling “you just got clowned by your teacher.” Having a “white” middle name, then getting clowned by your teacher has to be the worst ways to lose street cred. Hall is still recovering from this moment. One last way you lose street cred is snitching, or telling on someone for a deal.

Street cred is not universal. If you have street cred in one hood, that street cred does not pass on with you. Unless you caught a body and its well known then no one wants to mess with you, anywhere.

If you have street cred in multiple hoods then you can go back and visit your old hoods. OG’s most often have the most street cred, “original gangsters” most often have the most knowledge and wisdom about the streets, “young bloods” or “young G’s” often get their advice with their “business.”

Another thing about street cred is that not all places have the idea of street cred. Small towns or rich suburban neighborhoods, for example Beverly Hills, don’t have the idea of street cred. Most of the reason could be that there is not as much danger as urban neighborhoods, or the projects do.

They do have their own system of respect. There are small neighborhoods that just know who to not mess with, or their own levels of respect. Like having the best grades, or most wealth, that could be the “street cred” for those neighborhoods.

All people feel differently about street cred. I personally think street cred is both good and bad. I think it’s good in a way because it’s a way of telling the respect or who went through the most. And it’s always good to have a system of respect.

That was my story about street cred. Thanks for reading have a good day