Keystone Pipeline Controversy

The purpose of this presentation is to enlighten you on the Keystone Pipeline and the Native American struggle to preserve their land. I will be explaining what little the government is doing to help the issue and what the Native American people are doing to try to preserve their native land.

This is a very important topic and readers should be aware and care for this topic because it is a huge issue and the pipeline is hurting many people. The Keystone Pipeline fight has been going on for the last couple years and had just recently leaked thousands of gallons of oil on North Dakota lands. 

Last week the Keystone Pipeline leaked 380,000 gallons of oil on the grounds that Native American people were trying to protect in North Dakota. This spill has affected 22,500 square feet of wetlands in Edinburg, N.D. Approximately 9,120 barrels of oil were spilled, which would fill about half of an Olympic swimming pool.

This oil spill was not the first for the pipeline when two years ago, 407,000 gallons of oil were spilled in South Dakota. “We’ve always said it’s not a question of whether a pipeline will spill, but when, and once again TC Energy has made our case for us,” said Catherine Collentine. This spill was tragic to the Indigenous people of the Dakota’s because they have fought their case on how dangerous the pipeline would be to their native land. 

When I was researching on this topic, I was already aware of the protesting that the Indigenous peoples from all over have done to help protect the land and the water. From a text on “Colorlines,” it informed me that two laws were passed that criminalize protesting against the pipeline.

The Native American people have protested against the government over the pipeline for years and people have traveled from different states to stand with the people of the Dakota land because as the Native American peoples say “water is life” the land means everything to them. There were many elders who were contained, arrested, and brutalized for standing for what they believe in.

Many tribal members are going to push the laws to court battling for their first amendment right. Protesters also fight that the government is choosing a big company over the well-being of the people. 

When Barack Obama was president of the United States, he had held the decision off about the pipeline for two years because the argument between the Native people about their land and water and the big corporation that was building the pipeline. But when President Trump had entered office, one of the first decisions he made was about the pipeline.

He had approved it and they had built the pipeline against every request of the Native people. When Trump signed the paper approving the pipeline he had nothing but a huge smile on his face.  

To end off on my opinion on the Keystone Pipeline it is a very bad thing for the land, which is proved by how much oil has been spilled from it already. The amount of protesters that have been arrested and brutally beaten for standing for what they believe in is wrong.

There is so many things wrong with what is happening. The government has favored the huge corporation that has done nothing but wrong the Native American people.