Football Advances to State Quarterfinals

Raiders Outlast Wolverines 19-14


Maraya Harris, Sports Editor

When it comes down to the brass tacks of things, getting into the state playoffs is a very difficult thing to do. Some teams are capable of making it while there are other teams that aren’t capable of even winning a single game. However, this year’s varsity football team has done made it after winning at home against the Friday Harbor Wolverines on Saturday, November 16th.

Mrs. Darnold, the Head Secretary here at Lake Roosevelt believes that the team has made improvements. “They have most definitely improved.” She explains.   That seems to be the general consensus around school based on how often I hear that their team has been playing better and better as the season wears on as shows by their excellent 9-1 record.

While some just go to the games to sit around and hang with friends, others go to actually watch and most go to show their support. A peer of mine at LR, Junior Melissa Merriman tells me, “The game was okay but it was a low scoring game.”

Now let me just say this… tight games are extremely nauseating to watch, especially when you’re there to support. Completely stressful when you know that your team has struggled and put in the hours that they deserve to win.

I know for a fact that those who go to LR were probably grinding their teeth while watching this game. However tight that game was though we eventually won 19-14. So when I say above that the game was tight… it really was. Though, the boys pulled through and did what they needed to to hold on for the win.

Who knows what could possibly happen after this, but I’m quick to think that when we advance to the quarterfinals, we have a high chance of winning.

In conclusion, I think that this entire season the football team have done an absolutely amazing job and to say that they didn’t is an utter shatter to all of the work our team put in. I give full props to the team and the community that I am in for all the effort they put into something as awesome as football. Good job LR, can’t wait to see or hear about how well you do moving forward.