Welcome to The Galleon: A LRHS Student Publication


Today marks the day of a new era, a time where Lake Roosevelt High School will be widely and vastly changed from its previously almost unknowable state.  From a state where news was passed from mouth to mouth, and strewn about like rope, and getting hopelessly entangled with knots that altered the state of all truth – often only a webs of lies transformed to a new state of enlightenment, where all students will be granted the ability to openly search through all of the school’s happenings in a way that will open their eyes to what is really happening in the school and community. This is the official opening of The Galleon, our own student publication and personal news outlet. Some may ask why? What is our mission? Simply put, we want to let the students have access to careful reporting, opinion, and feature stories that we hope will inform and entertain them, as well as given them an opportunity to let their opinions also be known. We will tell everything as factually as possible, try to get the news out as fast as possible, and also to make sure that we cover as much as possible. Our team is full of intelligent people, and a leader who started it all with good intentions. We hope you enjoy The Galleon!