Homecoming Week/Homecoming Drama

Kyla Wells, Op/Ed Editor

Despite the drama filled homecoming this year, this is how homecoming week went at LR. 

Ahhh homecoming. It’s a rite of passage almost, the freshmen become high schoolers and the seniors become adults. Homecoming is the shot to dress up and ask that one person to the dance who you’ve liked since 6th grade or have someone ask you. It’s a High School tradition that we all share.  

I sat down with some students to ask about how they liked this homecoming tradition and how it could be change for the future generations. I started with two seniors, our very own homecoming royalty Traey Clark and the cheerleader captain, we know her, we lover her, Alexia Ryan who helped come up with spirit week.

I started our interview with Clark by asking him if he thought he was going to win the as royalty. He honestly spoke about how he had an idea that he was going to win because people told him they were voting for him but he ended it with an humble “But I didn’t want to win.” I followed up that question by asking him about the what the best thing about homecoming is. Clark surprised me when he claimed he didn’t like homecoming and “I don’t want to be royalty.” 

This time I got to chat with Ryan, our lovely cheer captain . I started our interview by asking her what she thought to be the best thing about homecoming was and she replied genuinely by saying she really enjoys the dance, the music and hanging out with friends.

I questioned Ryan about the theme of the dace and if she liked it stated.” No, I think it should be Halloween themed.” I understood where she was coming from since homecoming was in October. 

As me and her talked I had asked the question about the location of the dance and if she would change it (at our school in the hub). She had to make it funny by saying, “No, it’s musty we come here every day.” I couldn’t help myself but laugh because I totally understood where she came from.  

I was a little thrown back by the senior’s answers, they weren’t as enthusiastic about the week, but after the bonfire was cancelled on Thursday, I didn’t really know what to expect from them. So, in hopes for a more excited crowd I turned to the freshmen for excitement, I had spoken with freshmen Penelope Antoine and Samuel Armilla to maybe lighten up the mood. And Indeed, it did.  

First, I spoke with Armilla and I started the interview by asking if he found homecoming distracting at all? he replied with an in-depth answer of “No, it’s something everyone should be involved in.” I thought this was one of the purest answers I had gotten yet.

Although Armilla was not any royalty, he was excited for his first homecoming. He spoke with excitement and eagerness it was refreshing to have someone so ecstatic. 

I had asked him if he could change anything about homecoming what would it be? He stated that he didn’t like how formal it was and it would be cool if they made it more casual, and I couldn’t agree more.  

After I spoke with Armilla, I turned to Antoine. She was very surprised when I asked to interview her, but she willingly sat with me.

I had asked her some of the same questions that I asked Armilla and I noticed she shared the same eagerness he did. But my favorite answer she gave me went with the question, how is homecoming important to you? She replied simply and sweetly with, “Well it’s our first real High School experience.”

This stood out to me because I had the same thought about homecoming as she did. Me and her continued to chat and I asked her what she would change about homecoming week she said, “The spirit week, not many participated.” Well it looked like I wasn’t the only one who believed that the spirit week had a little less spirit then the previous years.  

I really enjoyed being able to see other opinions on homecoming and of course exactly what I thought would happen happened, the seniors were ready for the week to be over, and the freshmen were ready for homecoming to end.

It took me by surprise at how checked out the seniors really were. After the battle of the classes on Wednesday the seniors really lost their spark in spirit week.

But the freshmen kept enough excitement for both the classes. But this topic really made me think about how homecoming is important to the underclassmen, they treat it as if it is there high school upbringing.

At the end of the week it was yes, a drama filled week but a good one at that and it ended with the classes celebrating as a school as they celebrated there homecoming together without drama and a lot of dancing. I think this showed that the classes might fight like siblings but like siblings do we forgive each other in the name of homecoming.