Want to Stop Procrastinating?

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object will remain at rest or stay in motion unless it is acted upon an outside force. This law relates to procrastination because you could either be very hard to motivate and spend a great amount of your time procrastinating, or could be easily motivated and rarely procrastinate. These are tips to help you reduce or prevent the amount of time you procrastinate.

A planner helps you with your time management and also your organization. Planners can help you stay on track with each individual task that you need to complete.

You can also use planners to know when a certain assignment is due, or to remind yourself of events and meetings. Planners can also reduce stress about scheduling and procrastination.

Prioritize all of your tasks, from most important to least or from bigger tasks to minor tasks. By doing this you’re working to meet company and personal goals.

You’ll also significantly reduce stress and improve your productivity. Prioritization is a good way to ensure that deadlines are met and you don’t stress about the wrong task.

Another way to get motivated is to set rewards for certain checkpoints and tasks. For example, after finishing a difficult task the reward yourself with your favorite candy bar, a slice of cake, or even coffee from your favorite coffee shop. This reminds you, or gets you to notice the importance and satisfaction of finishing tasks.

Breaking your work down into little sections reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed, and it also makes larger tasks feel very simple and easy to do. For example, say you’re writing a book, you can break down the process by: choosing a topic, researching, writing rough drafts, writing a certain amount of chapters, revising what you wrote, then finally submitting the piece the piece or repeating the process until you’re done.

An environment change can help you or motivate you if you’re going to the right area. Working in your bedroom would not be a good idea because then you’ll want to lie in bed or go to sleep. Opt to be in an area with a desk with little to no distractions, but with a motivating energy, then if you lose motivation move to a different area.

Working with other people can help you out and inspire you to get things done better and quicker. Receiving help from other people can reduce stress and especially from someone who’s been through the same thing, or is a professional in that area of work.

Other people’s help can provide resources, and provide information that you would not know on your own. Hanging out with people who are hard workers or go-getters will start rubbing off on you, and therefore you’ll pick up their habits and the same drive as them to get tasks done faster and more efficiently. It’ll also keep your goals and progress in check if you ever lose sight of what you’re working towards.

Hopefully you use these tips to reduce or even stop your problem with procrastination.