How School Culture Has Changed 

You raise your hand to speak, you ask before you use the bathroom, you are supposed to be old enough to not act like a child yet that doesn’t make you old enough to be treated as one. Over the years the culture of school has changes enormously. Student no longer see school as a privilege but a prison, they no longer respect the rules that the teachers try to enforce, but although watching how the kids act these days is indeed a surprise.  

What shocks me the most about the school culture is how the school themselves really haven’t changed by much. We are still bound to desks that have been in the same places since the beginning. It doesn’t shock me to see the students revolting at school because school has always faced the same problem but always asked the students to change their ways but has never come close to changing their own. 

School is supposed to ready us for the outside world but how is it supposed to do that when the world outside is always changing but school isn’t. How can an 18-year-old just out of high school be expected to act like an adult when just a few months ago they had to have permission to use the bathroom? 

The old saying goes ‘You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.’ and the same goes with people you can force a kid to go to school, but you can’t force them to learn or to pass. Schools have a hard time realizing that every child learns differently and it’s about conforming to children’s way of learning not making a child conform to the education system.