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Shunka Cawston

Shunka Cawston, Columnist

My name is Shunka Cawston I like playing Xbox with my friends and relaxing in my room. My mom is Crystal Olney and my dad is Darren Cawston, I've lived in Coulee Dam all my life. I have a pretty cool dog her name is Raven. My dad took care of me for most of my life and I lived in his house for pretty much all my life except for the occasional weekend I would spend with my mom. My mom wasn’t that good of a mom for my siblings and I, so we stopped living with her early on in my life. We would still see her, but we just didn’t live there. My dad is my role model and I try my best to be just like him, but it can get tough sometimes because he is so good at everything he does its pretty insane how fast he can learn something. My life isn't too crazy compared to some of my friends lives where they travel the country, or they have tons of life stories to tell this early on in their life. My life is mostly made up of mainly staying up late to play Xbox and eat junk food. I live a pretty normal life I think with some interesting parts here and there. 

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Shunka Cawston